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The Magic of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is taking the world by storm as more people look to embrace alternative medicine, however, not much is known about its origins. In this article, we will uncover answers to questions such as how does crystal healing work? Where did crystal healing come from? and is there any science which backs up its claims?

What is crystal healing?

In the most basic terms, crystal healing is the practice of connecting with crystals, which are made up of a latticework of carbon atoms. It is believed that with the aid of crystals, the user can be taken through a special healing process and allow them to experience deeper states of consciousness. Though crystal healing is no longer restricted to Native American Shamanism, it can be found in modern societies in the form of crystal therapy and energy healing. There are numerous books, self-help guides, and websites which focus on this healing practice. According to Tony Robbins, crystal healing is “the power of pure love”.

The History of Crystal Healing

Many ancient cultures practiced crystal healing, such as the great Sumerian King Gilgamesh, who performed seven spells using gemstones, stones, and herbal essences. Additionally, the Byzantine historian Procopius described Roman troops taking infusions of minerals and gemstones to counteract the heat and cold. Whilst in Mesopotamia, the Sumerians were known for using stones such as lapis lazuli and amethyst for meditation and healing. Finally, during the Bronze Age, the Egyptians, who were great healers, would collect chalky quartz from the Nile River and dry them in the sun to utilise in their remedies.

How does crystal healing work?

Crystal healing begins with energy; this energy represents our own souls, which is represented by our auras. With crystals, we can use their energy to help the flow of the energy within ourself, providing us with healing, colour, clarity and energy. Many crystal healing practitioners claim that crystals allow for a higher quality of life by pulling this higher quality energy to the surface of our aura.

Is there any science which supports crystal healing?

Yes! It has been proved that crystals are living energy structures, meaning that each crystal has a unique, unchanging energy field and frequency. Due to this, by tapping into each crystals energy, we are able to use the frequencies to bring harmony to our own body. 

Each crystal is believed to have its own energy frequency which brings with it unique benefits or influence. For example:

  • The Amethyst crystal emits a wavelength of 32,875 KHz, a frequency which acts to enhance our bodies vital activities; and
  • The Rose quartz crystal has been shown to vibrate at a high 350 HZ, which means that as we hold, and focus upon this amazing crystal, our bodies respond to and begin to rise in frequency


When applied effectively, crystals can have a magical and healing effect on the human body. Crystals have been used since ancient times to protect their users, heal them and influence others around them.