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Scented Candles - More than just a pretty smell

Have you ever smelt a scent from your childhood or past and been hit with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia?

Well, I recently experienced something similar to this. I was browsing a local Sunday markets one day with my partner when we walked past a scented candle store. A particular scent, 'Australian Bush' caught my nostrils and within an instant I was no longer at a market along the coast, I was at my partner's family farm walking through the lush green pastures. It was an uncanny resemblance to the aromas and scents you are exposed to in the bush, and something that was so lifelike.

That split second exposure to that smell overcame me with an intense happiness and positive emotion, and served to remind me of the intrinsic ability that particular smells have in triggering changes in your psychological and physiological states (both positive and negative!)

It should come as no surprise then to see just how much the scented candle industry has blown up in the market over the last decade, and it is for this reason that I see candles as more than simply a fancy decoration to give your room a pleasant aroma.

There are intrinsic responses your body experiences in the presence of calming aromas, from creating a restful ambience to stimulating your memory and promoting deep and restful sleep.

Whatever you are after, our range of scented candles is bound to have something for you! 

With love always, 

Azuli Rose.