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Buy Azuli Rose Raw Natural Calcite Honey Crystal
Buy Azuli Rose Raw Natural Calcite Honey Crystal

Calcite Honey (Small)

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Crystals have been used throughout the ages as tools to balance the mind, body and spirit as each crystal has its own unique, unchanging energy field and frequency. By tapping into this frequency, we are able to bring about energetic changes within both ourselves and others. 

The metaphysical properties of Calcite Honey include:

  • Helps one to find their personal power
  • Cultivates feelings of self worth and self confidence
  • Encourages the divine energy to flow into the lower chakras
  • Increases prosperity
  • Allows one to feel grounded and centred in their life

Start your healing journey today with our all natural calcite honey chunks.

Material: Raw natural calcite honey

Size: ~5-6cm

Weight: ~80-100g and ~150g

All of our crystals are 100% raw natural stones in their purest form